Saturday, July 16, 2011

The American Spirit


Sit on that for a minute.  It's a word that means so much to so few, and almost nothing to most.  A drink of the the older, the aged, the down right elderly.  A leftover from an era lost, gulped, and long forgotten.  A fierce brown appendix of the drinking world.

But those old Kentucky stills are busy these days, making some of the best bourbon the world has ever seen.  So I hope to introduce some of you to the joys of sipping, mixing, and even baking with bourbon.  And maybe along the way we'll all learn some history, some science, and a little something about ourselves.

A little about me:
I'm an Information Systems Architect by day (and often by night).  I was born and raised in a small farm town turned suburb named Carlisle, outside Boston, MA.  After a couple of degrees, road trips, and some floundering, I now live with my lovely wife in the San Francisco bay area.  In addition to swilling bourbon, I'm a craft beer lover and homebrewer, a musician, and a motorcyclist.  Yes, some of those interests work together, others do not.

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